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Our Values

Reluvotion is a community network united in its efforts for social transformation.

Social transformation meaning efforts by human beings to:

Enhance and elevate the lives we share,
Protect the environment we inhabit,
Ensure economic, social, and political structures truly promote and improve quality of life.

Reluvotion is a digital hub around which human-based action and empowerment is made possible – allowing people to easily connect and begin working together to actualize their most transformative ideas.

Ours is a community animated by two forms of love:

Self-Love: The life-long process of learning and growing that leads to the elevation and expansion personal consciousness. The purpose of this journey is the application of this knowledge and experience to the lives we live – to live well.

Love for the world we share: We all have an inescapable moral responsibility to take the knowledge and abilities we possess and share them, to put our skills to their best use – whether that be through volunteering, internships, or other direct action.

At Reluvotion, we recognize that there are many ways to think about and imagine how to live well. We know that to improve the lives of the others, to preserve the environment, and to pursue economic, social, and political justice requires us to work together.

To that end, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining as open, diverse, imaginative, and creative space as possible. We are obsessed with the transparent, open, and free exchange of ideas.

We will not tolerate ideas, individuals, or groups that promote the harm, marginalization, or hate of others based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. In addition, we will not tolerate any views that lead to the physical harm of other individuals or violence. Period.

At Reluvotion, we seek to make the lives of Others, the World, and our Communities Better! Everyday.